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/* * Sprite3D.js * Visit the internets for documentation, updates and examples. * * * * Copyright (c) 2010 boblemarin * * Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person * obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation * files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without * restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, * copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell * copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the * Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following * conditions: * * The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be * included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. * * THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, * EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES * OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND * NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT * HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, * WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING * FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR * OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE. */ /** * Creates an instance of Sprite3D * * @constructor * @author boblemarin * @this {Sprite3D} * @param {Object} element The DOM element to wrap the Sprite3D object around. When no element is provided, a empty div is created and added to the document. */ function Sprite3D(element) { if ( !Sprite3D.prototype._isInit ) Sprite3D.isSupported(); // private variables var p = "", s = "", rx = "", ry = "", rz = "", ts = "", i, alpha = 1, listeners = {}; // create an empty
if no element is provided if (element == null) { element = document.createElement("div"); } // prepare for 3D positionning[ this._browserPrefix + "TransformStyle" ] = "preserve-3d"; = "0px"; = "0px"; = "absolute"; // trigger hardware acceleration even if no property is set[ this._transformProperty ] = "translateZ(0px)"; // debug style // = '1px solid red'; this.domElement = element; =; this.children = []; } /** The X-axis position of the Sprite3D */ Sprite3D.prototype.x = 0; /** The Y-axis position of the Sprite3D */ Sprite3D.prototype.y = 0; /** The Z-axis position of the Sprite3D */ Sprite3D.prototype.z = 0; /** The X-axis rotation of the Sprite3D */ Sprite3D.prototype.rotationX = 0; /** The Y-axis rotation of the Sprite3D */ Sprite3D.prototype.rotationY = 0; /** The Z-axis rotation of the Sprite3D */ Sprite3D.prototype.rotationZ = 0; /** The X-axis scale of the Sprite3D */ Sprite3D.prototype.scaleX = 1; /** The Y-axis scale of the Sprite3D */ Sprite3D.prototype.scaleY = 1; /** The Z-axis scale of the Sprite3D */ Sprite3D.prototype.scaleZ = 1; /** The width of the HTML element associated with the Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.width = 0; /** The height of the HTML element associated with the Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.height = 0; /** The X-axis registration point of the Sprite3D object used for 3D positionning */ Sprite3D.prototype.regX = 0; /** The Y-axis registration point of the Sprite3D object used for 3D positionning */ Sprite3D.prototype.regY = 0; /** The Y-axis registration point of the Sprite3D object used for 3D positionning */ Sprite3D.prototype.regZ = 0; /** The width (in pixels) of the tiles in the spritesheet */ Sprite3D.prototype.tileWidth = 0; /** The height (in pixels) of the tiles in the spritesheet */ Sprite3D.prototype.tileHeight = 0; /** A reference to the DOM element associated with this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.domElement = null; /** A reference to the CSS style object of the DOM element */ = null; /** An array holding references of the Sprite3D's children object */ Sprite3D.prototype.children = []; /** The number of child objects */ Sprite3D.prototype.numChildren = 0; /** A boolean value to decide in which order transformations are applied. If true, rotations are applied before translations. If false, translations are applied before rotations. For a more accurate control over transformations order, you should use the transformString property. This property is now BROKEN. */ Sprite3D.prototype.rotateFirst = false; /** The transform string. You can use this property to fine control the order in which transformations are applied. * The following values will be replaced by their respective transformations : * _p for position/translations * _s for scaling * _rx for rotationX * _ry for rotationY * _rz for rotationZ * Example: sprite.transformString = "_rx _ry _rz _p _s"; */ Sprite3D.prototype.transformString = "_p _rx _ry _rz _s"; /** * Sets the value of the transformString property, allowing to control transformations order. * A valid value may be "_rx _ry _rz _p _s". See the transformString property for more informations. * @param {String} ts The string that will be used to swap * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setTransformString = function(ts) { this.transformString = ts; return this; }; /** * Sets the X-axis position of the Sprite3D. * @param {Number} px The position * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setX = function(px) { this.x = px; return this; }; /** * Sets the Y-axis position of the Sprite3D. * @param {Number} py The position * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setY = function(py) { this.y = py; return this; }; /** * Sets the Z-axis position of the Sprite3D. * @param {Number} pz The position * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setZ = function(pz) { this.z = pz; return this; }; /** * Sets the 3D position of the Sprite. * @param {Number} px The position on the X-axis * @param {Number} py The position on the Y-axis * @param {Number} pz The position on the Z-axis * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setPosition = function(px, py, pz) { this.x = px; this.y = py; this.z = pz; return this; }; /** * Applies a relative translation in 3D space on the X-axis. * @param {Number} px The value of the translation * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.moveX = function(px) { this.x += px; return this; }; /** * Applies a relative translation in 3D space on the Y-axis. * @param {Number} py The value of the translation * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.moveY = function(py) { this.y += py; return this; }; /** * Applies a relative translation in 3D space on the Z-axis. * @param {Number} pz The value of the translation * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.moveZ = function(pz) { this.z += pz; return this; }; /** * Applies a relative translation in 3D space. * @param {Number} px The value of the translation on the X-axis * @param {Number} py The value of the translation on the Y-axis * @param {Number} pz The value of the translation on the Z-axis * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.move = function(px, py, pz) { this.x += px; this.y += py; this.z += pz; return this; }; /** * Sets the amount of rotation around the X-axis of the Sprite3D. * @param {Number} rx The value of the rotation * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setRotationX = function(rx) { this.rotationX = rx; return this; }; /** * Sets the amount of rotation around the Y-axis of the Sprite3D. * @param {Number} ry The value of the rotation * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setRotationY = function(ry) { this.rotationY = ry; return this; }; /** * Sets the amount of rotation around the Z-axis of the Sprite3D. * @param {Number} rz The value of the rotation * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setRotationZ = function(rz) { this.rotationZ = rz; return this; }; /** * Sets the 3D rotation of the Sprite. * @param {Number} rx The rotation around the X-axis * @param {Number} ry The rotation around the Y-axis * @param {Number} rz The rotation around the Z-axis * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setRotation = function(rx, ry, rz) { this.rotationX = rx; this.rotationY = ry; this.rotationZ = rz; return this; }; /** * Applies a relative rotation in 3D space around the X-axis. * @param {Number} rx The value of the rotation * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.rotateX = function(rx) { this.rotationX += rx; return this; }; /** * Applies a relative rotation in 3D space around the Y-axis. * @param {Number} ry The value of the rotation * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.rotateY = function(ry) { this.rotationY += ry; return this; }; /** * Applies a relative rotation in 3D space around the Z-axis. * @param {Number} rz The value of the rotation * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.rotateZ = function(rz) { this.rotationZ += rz; return this; }; /** * Applies a relative rotation in 3D space. * @param {Number} rx The value of the rotation around the X-axis * @param {Number} ry The value of the rotation around the Y-axis * @param {Number} rz The value of the rotation around the Z-axis * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.rotate = function(rx, ry, rz) { this.rotationX += rx; this.rotationY += ry; this.rotationZ += rz; return this; }; /** * Sets the scaling of the Sprite3D object on the X-axis. * @param {Number} sx The value of the scaling on the X-axis * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setScaleX = function( sx ) { this.scaleX = sx; return this; }; /** * Sets the scaling of the Sprite3D object on the Y-axis. * @param {Number} sy The value of the scaling on the Y-axis * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setScaleY = function( sy ) { this.scaleY = sy; return this; }; /** * Sets the scaling of the Sprite3D object on the Z-axis. * @param {Number} sz The value of the scaling on the Z-axis * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setScaleZ = function( sz ) { this.scaleZ = sz; return this; }; /** * Sets the scaling of the Sprite3D object on the 3 axis. * @param {Number} sx The value of the scaling on the X-axis * @param {Number} sy The value of the scaling on the Y-axis * @param {Number} sz The value of the scaling on the Z-axis * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setScale = function( sx, sy, sz ) { this.scaleX = sx; this.scaleY = sy; this.scaleZ = sz; return this; }; /** * Sets the registrations point for the Sprite3D object. * By default, CSS positionning is relative to the top left corner of the element. * The registration point values are simply substracted from the position when applied * @param {Number} rx The registration point value for the X-axis * @param {Number} ry The registration point value for the Y-axis * @param {Number} rz The registration point value for the Z-axis * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setRegistrationPoint = function(rx, ry, rz) { this.regX = rx; this.regY = ry; this.regZ = rz; return this; }; /** * Sets the origin of the 3D transforms. * By default, CSS transforms are relative to the center of the element. * @param {Number} px The transform origin value for the X-axis * @param {Number} py The transform origin value for the Y-axis * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setTransformOrigin = function(px, py) { // = px + " " + py;[ this._browserPrefix + "TransformOrigin" ] = px + " " + py; return this; }; /** * Sets the size of the HTML element linked to the Sprite3D object, using the width and height css properties. * Note that animating using these properties does not provide an optimal performance. * You should rather try to use CSS scale using the scale() method * This method applies the changes to the style object, so it does not require a call to the update methods * @param {Number} width The desired width * @param {Number} height The desired height * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setSize = function(width, height) { = (this.width = width) + "px"; = (this.height = height) + "px"; return this; }; /** * Sets the opacity of the element. * This method applies the changes to the style object, so it does not require a call to the update methods * @param {Number} alpha The desired opacity, ranging from 0 to 1 * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setOpacity = function(alpha) { = this.alpha = alpha; return this; }; /** * Returns the opacity of the element. * @return {Number} The opacity of the element */ Sprite3D.prototype.getOpacity = function() { return this.alpha; }; /** * Sets the CSS class name of the DOM element associated with the Sprite3D object. * When applying multiple class names, provide a single string with space-separated class names like you would do in pure CSS manipulation. * This method does not require a call to the update methods. * @param {String} className The name of the class to be set * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setClassName = function(className) { this.domElement.className = className; return this; }; /** * Returns the name of the CSS class of the DOM element. * @return {String} The CSS class name */ Sprite3D.prototype.getClassName = function() { return this.domElement.className; }; /** * Adds a CSS class to the DOM element * This method does not require a call to the update methods. * @param {String} className The name of the class to be added * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.addClassName = function(className) { this.domElement.className += " " + className + " "; return this; }; /** * [BETA] Removes a CSS class from the DOM element * This method does not require a call to the update methods. * @param {String} className The name of the class to be removed * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.removeClassName = function(className) { this.domElement.className = this.domElement.className.replace(className, ''); //this.domElement.className += " " + className; return this; }; /** * Sets the ID of the DOM element in the document. * This method is just a helper allowing neverending chaining in the Sprite3D creation syntax. * You can also simply access the domElement property of the Sprite3D and set its id property. * This method does not require a call to the update methods. * @param {String} id The ID * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setId = function(id) { = id; return this; }; /** * Returns the ID of the DOM element associated with the Sprite3D. * @return {String} The CSS class name */ Sprite3D.prototype.getId = function() { return; }; /** * Allows to set any value in any CSS property of the style object of the DOM element. * This method is just a helper allowing neverending chaining in the Sprite3D creation syntax. * For one time modifications, you can simply use the style property of the Sprite3D. * This method does not require a call to the update methods. * @param {String} name The name of the CSS property in which the value will be stored * @param {String} value The value to assign to the property * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setCSS = function(name, value) {[name] = value; return this; }; /** * Returns the value assigned to the provided CSS property. * @param {String} name The name of the property to get the value from * @return {String} The value of the CSS property */ Sprite3D.prototype.getCSS = function(name) { return[name]; }; /** * Allows direct write access to the innerHTML property of the DOM element. * @param {String} value The string to write into the innerHTML property * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setInnerHTML = function(value) { this.domElement.innerHTML = value; return this; }; /** * Sets the size of the tiles in the spritesheet used as background image. * @param {Number} width The desired width * @param {Number} height The desired height * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setTileSize = function(width, height) { this.tileWidth = width; this.tileHeight = height; return this; }; /** * Modifies the sprites's background image position to display the selected tile. * For this method to work, you are supposed to set a background image and limit the size of the element using CSS styles, * and use a sprite sheet where all tiles have the same size. No checking is performed on the provided values. * @param {Number} tilePosX The horizontal index of the tile to be displayed * @param {Number} tilePosY The vertical index of the tile to be displayed * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setTilePosition = function(tilePosX, tilePosY) { = "-" + (tilePosX * this.tileWidth) + "px -" + (tilePosY * this.tileHeight) + "px"; return this; }; /** * Allows to set a arbitary property value while using the chaining syntax. * @param {String} label The name of the property * @param {Object} value The value for that property * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setProperty = function(label, value) { this[label] = value; return this; }; /** * Sets the order in which transformations are applied. * If true, rotations are applied before translations. If false, translations are applied before rotations. * Note that, when applying rotations, the axis of the object rotate, and subsequent translations follow the modified orientation of the axis. * For a more accurate control, you should use the transformString property. * @param {boolean} rf true to rotate first, false to translate first * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.setRotateFirst = function(rf) { this.rotateFirst = rf; if ( rf ) { this.transformString = "_rx _ry _rz _p _s"; } else { this.transformString = "_p _rz _ry _rx _s"; } return this; }; /** * Applies position and rotation values. * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.update = function() { this.p = "translate3d(" + (this.x - this.regX) + "px," + (this.y - this.regY) + "px," + (this.z - this.regZ) + "px) "; this.rx = "rotateX(" + this.rotationX + "deg) "; this.ry = "rotateY(" + this.rotationY + "deg) "; this.rz = "rotateZ(" + this.rotationZ + "deg) "; this.s = "scale3d(" + this.scaleX + ", " + this.scaleY + ", " + this.scaleX + ") "; /* if (this.rotateFirst) = this.rz + this.ry + this.rx + this.p + this.s; else = this.p + this.rx + this.ry + this.rz + this.s; */ // var transformString = "_rx _ry _rz _p _s"; this.ts = this.transformString; this.ts = this.ts.replace( "_p", this.p ); this.ts = this.ts.replace( "_rx", this.rx ); this.ts = this.ts.replace( "_ry", this.ry ); this.ts = this.ts.replace( "_rz", this.rz ); this.ts = this.ts.replace( "_s", this.s ); // = this.ts;[this._transformProperty] = this.ts; return this; }; /** * Applies 2D position, rotation and scaling values. * This method allows to use Sprite3D with browsers that only support 2D transforms. * When applying the transforms, it uses the x and y position, z rotation and x and y scaling. * The other values are ignored. * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.update2D = function() { this.p = "translate(" + (this.x - this.regX) + "px," + (this.y - this.regY) + "px) "; this.rz = "rotate(" + this.rotationZ + "deg) "; this.s = "scale(" + this.scaleX + ", " + this.scaleY + ") "; this.ts = this.transformString; this.ts = this.ts.replace( "_p", this.p ); this.ts = this.ts.replace( "_rx", "" ); this.ts = this.ts.replace( "_ry", "" ); this.ts = this.ts.replace( "_rz", this.rz ); this.ts = this.ts.replace( "_s", this.s ); // = this.ts;[this._transformProperty] = this.ts; //console.log( "apply 2D transforms using " + this._transformProperty ); return this; }; /** * Applies position and rotation values, as well as opacity and size. * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.updateAll = function() { this.update(); = this.alpha; = this.width + "px"; = this.height + "px"; return this.update(); }; /** * Calls the update() method on every child of the Sprite3D object. * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.updateChildren = function() { for (this.i = 0; this.i < this.numChildren; this.i++) { this.children[this.i].update(); } return this; }; /** * Calls the updateAll() method on every child of the Sprite3D object. * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.updateChildrenAll = function() { for (this.i = 0; this.i < this.numChildren; this.i++) { this.children[this.i].updateAll(); } return this; }; /** * Updates itself, then calls the update() method on every child of the Sprite3D object. * @param {boolean} recursive If set to true, make the update call recursive, update every child's children * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.updateWithChildren = function(recursive) { this.update(); for (this.i = 0; this.i < this.numChildren; this.i++) { if (recursive) { this.children[this.i].updateWithChildren(recursive); } else { this.children[this.i].update(); } } return this; }; /** * Adds a Sprite3D object to this Sprite3D children. * @param {Sprite3D} e The Sprite3D object to add * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to the added Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.addChild = function(e) { this.numChildren = this.children.push(e); this.domElement.appendChild(e.domElement); return e; }; /** * Removes a Sprite3D object from this Sprite3D children. * @param {Sprite3D} child The Sprite3D object to remove * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to the removed Sprite3D object. null if the child was not found in this Sprite3D children list */ Sprite3D.prototype.removeChild = function(child) { var n = this.children.indexOf(child); if (n > -1) { return this.removeChildAt(n); } return null; }; /** * Removes the nth Sprite3D object from this Sprite3D children. * @param {number} n The index of the Sprite3D object to remove * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to the removed Sprite3D object. */ Sprite3D.prototype.removeChildAt = function(n) { --this.numChildren; this.domElement.removeChild(this.children[n].domElement); return this.children.splice(n, 1)[0]; }; /** * Finds and return the Sprite3D object associated with the provided DOM element * @param {Object} element The DOM element * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to the associated Sprite3D object. Returns null if no relevant Sprite3D object was found */ Sprite3D.prototype.findFromDOMElement = function(element) { for (this.i = 0; this.i < this.numChildren; this.i++) { if (element == this.children[this.i].domElement) { return this.children[this.i]; } } return null; }; /** * Adds an event listener to the DOM element for the provided event id. * @param {String} event The name of the event to watch * @param {Function} callback The callback function * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.addEventListener = function(event, callback) { // old way, not so satisfying (does not bring the sprite's reference to the callback funcion) //this.domElement.addEventListener( event, callback ); // new version, allows to get the reference of the target Sprite3D, // but requires a little bit more work on the removeEventListener method var sprite = this; this.domElement.addEventListener(event, function(e) { callback(e, sprite); } ); return this; }; /** * Removes an event listener to the DOM element for the provided event id [CURRENTLY BROKEN]. * @param {String} event The name of the event to watch * @param {Function} callback The callback function * @return {Sprite3D} The reference to this Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.prototype.removeEventListener = function(event, callback) { // should find a way to keep references of the functions created above, // but needs a solution to manage multiple listeners for same event... // tip: should use event classing like in jQuery -- yeah ! // todo: implement that way properly :) this.domElement.removeEventListener(event, callback); return this; }; /** * Creates a centered empty HTML div element to be used as root container for the other Sprite3D objects. * @return {Sprite3D} The created Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.createCenteredContainer = function() { var c = document.createElement('div'), s =; if ( !Sprite3D.prototype._isInit ) Sprite3D.isSupported(); s[Sprite3D.prototype._browserPrefix+"Perspective"] = "800" + (Sprite3D.prototype._browserPrefix=="Moz"?"px":""); s[Sprite3D.prototype._browserPrefix+"PerspectiveOrigin"] = "0 0"; s[Sprite3D.prototype._browserPrefix+"TransformOrigin"] = "0 0"; s[Sprite3D.prototype._browserPrefix+"Transform"] = "translateZ(0px)"; s.position = "absolute"; = "50%"; s.left = "50%"; s.margin = "0px"; s.padding = "0px"; //s.border = "1px solid red"; // <- this one is for debug document.body.appendChild(c); return new Sprite3D(c); }; /** * Creates a top-left aligned empty HTML div element to be used as root container for the other Sprite3D objects. * @return {Sprite3D} The created Sprite3D object */ Sprite3D.createTopLeftCenteredContainer = function() { var c = document.createElement('div'), s =; if ( !Sprite3D.prototype._isInit ) Sprite3D.isSupported(); s[Sprite3D.prototype._browserPrefix+"Perspective"] = "800" + (Sprite3D.prototype._browserPrefix=="Moz"?"px":""); //s[Sprite3D.prototype._browserPrefix+"PerspectiveOrigin"] = "0 0"; //s[Sprite3D.prototype._browserPrefix+"TransformOrigin"] = "0 0"; s[Sprite3D.prototype._browserPrefix+"Transform"] = "translateZ(0px)"; //s.webkitPerspective = "800"; // s.webkitPerspectiveOrigin = "0 0"; // s.webkitTransformOrigin = "0 0"; //s.webkitTransform = "translateZ(0px)"; s.position = "relative"; /* s.position = "absolute"; = "0px"; s.left = "0px"; s.right = "0px" s.bottom = "0px" s.margin = "0px"; s.padding = "0px"; s.border = "1px solid red"; */ /* i left all those comments above because they might be useful in some use cases */ document.body.appendChild(c); return new Sprite3D(c); }; /** Private static property. Used internally for browser checking. You should not change its value. */ Sprite3D.prototype._isInit = false; /** Private static property. Used internally for cross-browser compatibility. You should not change its value. */ Sprite3D.prototype._transformProperty = "webkitTransform"; /** Private static property. Used internally for cross-browser compatibility. You should not change its value. */ Sprite3D.prototype._browserPrefix = "webkit"; /** * Test for CSS 3D transforms support in the current browser. * If 3D transforms are not supported, the update() method is replaced by the update2D() method, * providing an automatic fallback that might save some bits :) * @return {boolean} True if the 3D transforms are supported by the browser */ Sprite3D.isSupported = function() { var d = document.createElement("div"), prefixes = ["", "webkit", "Moz", "o", "ms" ], n = prefixes.length, i; // check for 3D transforms for( i = 0; i < n; i++ ) { if ( ( prefixes[i] + "Perspective" ) in ) { Sprite3D.prototype._transformProperty = prefixes[i] + "Transform"; Sprite3D.prototype._isInit = true; Sprite3D.prototype._browserPrefix = prefixes[i]; //console.log( "found support for 3D transforms using prefix: " + prefixes[i] ); return true; } } // check for 2D transforms for( i = 0; i < n; i++ ) { if ( ( prefixes[i] + "Transform" ) in ) { Sprite3D.prototype._transformProperty = prefixes[i] + "Transform"; Sprite3D.prototype._isInit = true; Sprite3D.prototype._browserPrefix = prefixes[i]; Sprite3D.prototype.update = Sprite3D.prototype.update2D; //console.log( "found support for 2D transforms using prefix: " + prefixes[i] ); return false; } } //console.log( "no support for CSS transforms."); return false; };

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